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Understanding HOW it works is what enables you to do it.

On September 25th, 1974, Michael Hoke Austin hit the longest drive in the history of golf (515 yards, on a level fairway with negligible wind, with a 43 1/2-inch persimmon wood driver and a vintage balata golf ball) in the U.S. Seniors National Open Championship in Las Vegas , Nevada, at the age of 64.

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    This was just one event of a life in which this genius demonstrated and taught others how to hit golf balls farther and straighter than any other method known to man. He did not participate much in PGA tournament golf because his passion and 80 years of his long life was spent teaching, not playing (he bogied the par 4 hole when his drive overshot the green by 65 yards and he three putted).

    Mike Austin's method for hitting a ball was different from the way put forth and taught by the PGA, so he was essentially banned from public golf courses for that reason. THAT is why he is not better known by the public, although he is well known to teachers and media insiders, many of whom continue to ignore his wisdom and methodology because of its departure from what they have always done, and human nature resists change. Moreover, they refuse to recognize that the predominance of some PGA Tour champions is precisely because they use some of the motions and procedures Mike taught, where because of the speed of a golf swing those distinctions are invisible without very recently developed super high speed video. These golfers include Dustin Johnson, Henrik Stenson, Jordan Spieth, Colin Montgomerie in our present age, and in former days, Byron Nelson and Nancy Lopez, among several others.

    Ninety Nine Percent of the 'golf instruction' out there is "Do this!"
    But "Do this" instruction without a LOT more explanation IS NOT what will suffice for you. You need solid INFORMATION as well. And correct information was Dr. Michael Hoke Austin's life work. His instruction will of course tell you 'what' to do (i.e., some obviously is 'do this') with great specificity, but not blindly 'on faith': it will resonate with you, as in HOLY SMOKE, YES: I SEE IT NOW!!

    And by virtue of his advanced education in the sciences that complemented and explained his record breaking performance, without the shadow of a doubt Mike Austin is the most qualified of all golf instructors ever in the history of golf capable of showing you the best way for hitting golf balls far and straight.

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    The Official Mike Austin Golf Swing,

    finally published, approved, and released to the public just this last February.

    What is written herebelow is about what is known as 'the modern swing,' the method that is nearly universal in mainstream golf, what the PGA of America continues to put forth as 'the golf swing' as though there isn't anything else. So the rest of this page and its links are largely incompatible with the Mike Austin Golf Swing, hence need to be ignored unless you prefer the PGA 'modern swing.' It was what I taught all my life until recently when I found and was correctly schooled in "Austinology."



    And that's about what to do with the club, not body parts.
    You'll find it demonstrated and explained in great detail in ALL of our books and videos, most thoroughly in the six-chapter video set,
    "Even GREAT Golf Is Not That Hard," Item #3 in the Shopping Cart.

    The Release

    First, do you realize that the approach used by almost all golf instruction is itself the very reason why you are struggling and still searching for answers?

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    how to undo the damage.

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    It takes about an hour to read, but it contains all you'll need, tee to cup, most especially the core secret of the greatest ball strikers.
    Much different than what you'd expect. Really!

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    The rest of what's in the video clip above is what you need to know first. This video establishes what to do with the club to produce a swing like Rory McIlroy's--effortless, exuberant, and efficient. That clip is from Chapter Two in the video set, "Even Great Golf Is Not That Hard" (Item #3 in the cart) -- (the set consists of six chapters covering everything tee to green.) A fuller description is to the left here, or on the "Order Here" page, Item #3.

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      When things don't come together for you,
      we know that it's because you lack some critical detail or other,
      not the ability to produce great golf shots!

      After you understand how a good golf swing works (which is different than most everyone thinks because there's an optical illusion in it), you realize that what you do at setup that enables you. What you imagined were "swing problems" simply evaporate when you make the subtle adjustments at address that you've discovered from this instruction and from your own bit of experimentation. You learn how to tweak little things to make everything fit, in the same way that an auto manufacturer balances and trues the wheels and tunes the engine. Then when your natural human faculties recognize the inherent harmony you have just established from your intelligent preparations, when it's time to swing, you react spontaneously and exuberantly with the "confidence of certainty" often expressed as "being in-the-zone," from which everything then proceeds like magic.

      And the good news is that those adjustments applied at address are also how you produce perfect impact on the ball!


      a powerful, athletic, exuberant golf swing, and an explosive centered collision of solid steel on a rubber superball.

      If you dare to make the leap for ANY of our books or videos or personal lessons, you'll find how everything you already know will fall into place. You'll discover that all the 'truths' of "gravity golf" and other golf swing "systems," when they are translated, put into context, and fitted to YOU, are nothing but simple common sense. AND THAT VERY THING, SIMPLE COMMON SENSE, IS the basis of great golf and perfect impact. And your swing problems will evaporate because their causes will disappear. Everything for a great golf swing, perfect impact, AND that you would want available to you if you are a professional in golf instruction will be found in our golf books and videos.


      George Hibbard's Perfect Impact golf instruction in books, videos, and personal lessons. A perfect golf swing is utterly simple to learn when taught right. In Book or Video format.

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