Our instruction materials fill the void, i.e., the critical and subtle details that are almost always omitted and that leave you stranded!
  Perfect Impact Golf

Understanding HOW it works is what enables you to swing a golf club with power and accuracy.

That's what's offered here,
in a way that enables you to do it immediately!

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    HERE'S A SUMMARY of all our books, DVDs, and videos. Links in the Box (top left) offer more details on most items.

    "EVEN GREAT GOLF IS NOT THAT HARD" - 4+ hours of videos with full golf swing instruction in "painfully complete" detail. Drills, illustrations, explanations, the works. This is Item #3 on the Order page. Easy enough for a child to watch and learn immediately. This is the most detailed, comprehensive, simplest-to-follow golf instruction on the market. Order now to receive the links for immediate download. With it you will receive the Austin instruction for hand and arm actions in the downswing for achieving maximum for club head speed and maximum direction control by eliminating the root causes for slices and hooks.

    "GOLF'S CRITICAL DETAILS," a 305 page fully illustrated book in PDF format for immediate download. This is a replacement of the original "Perfect Impact" book and our most popular text. It explains "how to swing perfectly," first, with our "very first lesson" swing drill, and then it shows what micro-adjustments are needed to effectuate perfect impact. So,instead of a "swing and hope" effort, you'll know that you know how, and be enabled, to swing and hit the ball with confidence and precision.

    Our "LITTLE BLACK BOOK" is a gem, written to summarize as briefly as possible the most important, most helpful details a golfer needs to know, things simply omitted from mainstream instruction. Click
    HERE for its Table of Contents that tells the whole story. And choose Item #9.

    OUR MOST IMPORTANT OFFERING is the 2nd Chapter in the "Even GREAT Golf..." video set, entitled 'The RELEASE', referred to by Martin Hall. (Do not order this if you purchase Item #3.) Martin Hall said on the Golf Channel that our description OF the release is "the best he has ever seen." This replaces the video "5 Minutes to a Perfect Golf Swing, 10 if you're a slow learner" as it is much more comlete. While people report its simplicity and clarity, most of all they enthuse over finally being able to get the distance they knew they were capable of but had never been shown how. For this alone, select Item #2.

    In June, 2005, at his invitation, I met Mike Austin at his home in Los Angeles after I had discovered the story of his remarkable life and his Guinness World Record for a drive of 515 yards in a USGA Senior Open tournament at age 64 (do an Internet search if you're not familiar with this giant/genius). Only one 'home made' book purporting to thoroughly teach his swing had been written, but as that was inadequate for Mike, helpless in bed with end-of-life illnesses, he asked me to produce a professional and complete Mike Austin Swing tutorial usable not only by the elite and technically sophisticated, but user-friendly for everyone.

    My subsequent struggles to 'learn his method' and to teach it to others failed from the inadequacy of how it then was taught to me, so I tabled the effort. Finally in 2015 I had a huge breakthrough that turned on the lights, so I began that work which is now available (The Official Mike Austin Golf Swing) (click here), and more importantly, I gradually came to see that what I had myself been teaching from the beginning was the same thing in essence as what Mike taught, different only in idiosyncratic elements and some details about the downswing. (Different eyewitnesses who give accurate but 'different stories' of the same event do not disagree with each other: their different versions arrive from different viewpoints.) So in the same way, while my presentation of 'golf swing' and a couple of my own simplifications differ from Mike's, our content about how to swing like Mike did and taught is exactly the same.

    When you buy anything here, you'll not only get the correct Austin Golf Swing method of how to hit golf balls far and straight, but other necessary details that you won't find anywhere else. Things I have written things distinguish my 'Perfect Impact' instruction from everything else on the market for their clarity and thoroughness in all details (note the enthusiasm in the heartfelt Testimonials linked here), so you not only get ME, you get the great unequalled Michael Hoke Austin whose method is confirmed by both his advanced education in the sciences and his unexcelled personal performance.

    1) The first lesson everyone needs was cited by Martin Hall several times on The Golf Channel (the video clip below here is from one of those broadcasts) talking about its description how to release the club is "the best description he's ever seen." The RELEASE is the core of golf. THAT is addressed thoroughly in anything you purchase. (See Items #1, #2 or #3 on the ORDER HERE page for how to get the video, or Item #4 for the illustrated text version.)

    The Release

    2) You can either struggle for years on the range to discover, and perhaps never find, all the other things you need to know, or like going to college or trade school in place of 'I'd rather do it myself,' you can foreshorten the process in a FEW HOURS from what's offered here.

    3) If you buy 'EVERYTHING' in text or video on this website in their downloadable format (that you save on your own computer) you pay $120 less than buying them separately. This option is Item #1 on the Order Here page.

    4) Items are listed on that page for separate purchase if you prefer.

    If you dare to make the leap for ANY of our books or videos or personal lessons, you'll find how everything you already know will fall into place. You'll discover that all the 'truths' of "gravity golf" and other golf swing "systems," when they are translated, put into context, and fitted to YOU, are nothing but simple common sense. AND THAT VERY THING, SIMPLE COMMON SENSE, IS the basis of great golf and perfect impact. And your swing problems will evaporate because their causes will disappear. Everything for a great golf swing, perfect impact, AND that you would want available to you if you are a professional in golf instruction will be found in our golf books and videos.


    George Hibbard's Perfect Impact golf instruction in books, videos, and personal lessons. A perfect golf swing is utterly simple to learn when taught right. In Book or Video format.










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