Our instruction materials fill the void, i.e., the critical and subtle details that are almost always omitted and that leave you stranded!
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Understanding HOW it works is what enables you to swing a golf club with power and accuracy.

That's what's offered here,
in a way that enables you to do it immediately!

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    HERE'S A SUMMARY of all our books, DVDs, and videos. Links in the Box (top left) offer more details on most items.

    "EVEN GREAT GOLF IS NOT THAT HARD" - 4+ hours of videos with full golf swing instruction in "painfully complete" detail. Drills, illustrations, explanations, the works. This is Item #3 on the Order page. Easy enough for a child to watch and learn immediately. This is the most detailed, comprehensive, simplest-to-follow golf instruction on the market. Order now to receive the links for immediate download. With it you will receive the Austin instruction for hand and arm actions in the downswing for achieving maximum for club head speed and maximum direction control by eliminating the root causes for slices and hooks.

    "GOLF'S CRITICAL DETAILS," a 305 page fully illustrated book in PDF format for immediate download. This is a replacement of the original "Perfect Impact" book and our most popular text. It explains "how to swing perfectly," first, with our "very first lesson" swing drill, and then it shows what micro-adjustments are needed to effectuate perfect impact. So,instead of a "swing and hope" effort, you'll know that you know how, and be enabled, to swing and hit the ball with confidence and precision.

    Our "LITTLE BLACK BOOK" is a gem, written to summarize as briefly as possible the most important, most helpful details a golfer needs to know, things simply omitted from mainstream instruction. Click
    HERE for its Table of Contents that tells the whole story. And choose Item #9.

    OUR MOST IMPORTANT OFFERING is the 2nd Chapter in the "Even GREAT Golf..." video set, entitled 'The RELEASE', referred to by Martin Hall. (Do not order this if you purchase Item #3.) Martin Hall said on the Golf Channel that our description OF the release is "the best he has ever seen." This replaces the video "5 Minutes to a Perfect Golf Swing, 10 if you're a slow learner" as it is much more comlete. While people report its simplicity and clarity, most of all they enthuse over finally being able to get the distance they knew they were capable of but had never been shown how. For this alone, select Item #1 or #2.

    I'm writing this just prior to my 85th birthday (which occurs in March 2017) because after some 70 years playing and over 40 years teaching golf, mostly to myself (!), I have gradually come to see some things that are very important and must be said, things that have recently emerged from under my radar. This is written now because of my very strong feelings now about my obligation to pass on what is truly in the best interests of golfers whom I cherish in my own love for the game.

    It is a plea that you do NOT buy a bunch of books, or videos, whether those here on my site or from others, nor take what normally passes as golf lessons, for some very serious reasons. You need only ONE brief detailed and 'perfect' video, explained herebelow, and a single book, "Golf's Critical Details" (see the description that's given over and down on the left column here, and then click its link to see another page with a lot more information; this book has had several mentions on The Golf Channel program on the instruction program School of Golf hosted by Martin Hall).

    The point I need to make is this: your body and mind already know more how to do things physical than gurus or logic or books can teach you, so you'll find your best swing not from instruction, but from doing it: you need information, not the usual 'do this' instruction, to fill in stuff about minute adjustments that are easily missed and that have HUGE significance in your ball striking. They are mostly about things you do at setup, not 'while you are swinging.' If you get caught up in mechanics and feel a need to do A or B or C or some other new tip or idea from some guru or book or TV program or fellow golfer, you will be (A) distracted from the act of trying to hit the ball and thereby miss it!, and (B), worse, you will believe you need to do whatever such and such you hear, and in the process exaggerate the motion to the detriment of what you do naturally anyway (do you need mechanics instruction to get the coffee?). More is not only less: more often it is fatal.

    The best golf swings in the world are by children who've been playing T-Ball from an early age trying to hit home runs, who never got ANY instruction other than their own desire to kill the ball. Unrealized is that at such an early age where their arms and hands are still weak, they had no choice: swinging a 'long stick (club)' was impossible using what we call 'the small muscles in the hands and arms'; there can not be a more emphatic way to say that the swinging of a golf club well is only possible when the shoulders swing the arms, which swings or yanks the butt end of the club shaft, which in turn throws the club head 'with centrifugal force.' ANY other way of moving a golf club head for full swings produces inadequate and likely rotten results [the average score of club golfers continues to remain above 100!]

    Do not give your mind anything except information; trust that you've already got the skill to swing a club very well and a few facts that are subtle and escape recognition are all you need. Concern for a lot of things you are counseled to do during your swing itself usually operate like a virus or a cancer that works from within to destroy healthy tissue.

    The information you need amounts to these things, and a few others set forth in the book already mentioned: 1) how does it work...how do I use this tool called a golf club, MANDATORY information for everyone (fully explained in Item #1 or #2 in the ORDER HERE list); 2) the low point of your golf swing is mid-body, not under your left ear, so you have to put the ball to the right of your nose in order to catch the ball before the bottom of the club hits the ground, or you'll simply not be able to hit it with the face of the club-you'll hit it with the leading edge or you'll hit the ground first and ruin impact; 3) if there is undue slack in your elbows and wrists at address, the pulling force of the swinging club will cause them to get longer during the swing, so you'll hit shots fat because their length changes during the swing from what it was at address; 4) your left hand grip must be a bit what is called 'strong' (i.e., with the back of that hand at address facing somewhat towards 'first base' when the club face leading edge faces your target at second base), because it controls the quality of your swing and of impact [a hook is evidence of shoving the club head forward with your hands and scooping and of too much separation of the left upper arm from the chest which should be driving the handle]; moreover, at the apex of your backswing, your left thumb will need to be pointing atop the tip of your right shoulder blade, and after impact and the crossover action of the rolling of the hands and arms, your right thumb should be delivering the club shaft around to the top of your left shoulder; 5) since your body turns when you swing, at impact your left shoulder will be just a bit further from the ball at impact than it was at address IN A GOOD SWING, so it takes the club with it, and makes you hit the ball thin or on the toe...so you need to stand too close to the ball at address to be able to hit the ball in the sweet spot center of the club face; 6) try to hit the ball as hard as you can (or make the loudest sound you can hitting an impact bag), because that intention calls forth from your own brain/innate computer whatever it takes to access the resources of natural human coordination that are infinitely superior to mechanical thoughts for instructing you; and 7) it is imperative that you do not change the distance from your chest to the ball that you establish at impact or you'll miss the sweet spot by that much, and the tolerance for a good shot is less than even a half inch!

    The only things you need to buy here are my video about how it works, entitled "Your Very First Golf Lesson," which is Item #1 (for download, viewable on your computer), or the same thing on a DVD, Item # 2, and the 'critical details' book. Everyone needs these. Almost all of the hundreds of testimonials reported on this site have come from golfers from this very video (originally offered on Amazon in 1990 as a VHS, producing uncountable sales and enthusiastic reviews!) The book is found on Item # 4, #5, or #6 in the ORDER HERE list. You do not need, nor do I advise you to buy, anything else...unless you are a glutton for punishment and possible overload infection.

    There, I've said my peace! God bless you. Be well. George Hibbard

    If you purchse ANY of our books or videos or personal lessons, you'll find how everything you already know will fall into place. You'll discover that all the 'truths' of "Gravity Golf" and other golf swing "systems," when they are translated into clear English, put into context and fitted to YOU, are nothing but simple common sense. AND THAT VERY THING, SIMPLE COMMON SENSE, IS the basis of great golf and perfect impact. And your swing problems will evaporate because their causes will disappear. Everything for a great golf swing, perfect impact, AND that you would want available to you if you are a professional in golf instruction will be found in our golf books and videos.

    For the official Mike Austin swing, click here for the story and information on the world record holder's genius and legacy, the whole story.


    George Hibbard's Perfect Impact golf instruction in books, videos, and personal lessons. A perfect golf swing is utterly simple to learn when taught right. In Book or Video format.










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